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Operation: Protected Angel -Matthew’s day started like any other…until she ran into the armed man in the hallway at work. What came next was a blur, a hostage ordeal, a terrorist attack, explosions and gunfire, a fight for her life


Featured Author


Paula Hidalgo-Sanchis is a citizen of the world who has lived on four continents...

Featured Author


colored_books_aligned_like_domino_stock_photo_Slide01.jpg Check out our Featured Books!

Featured Books

Check out our Featured Books!

Paula Hidalgo-Sanchis -  is a citizen of the world who has lived on four continents. She spent most of her career working with the United Nations as a humanitarian, and as a sustainable development practitioner. She led ground-breaking work on the ethical complexities, and potentials, of artificial intelligence. That work informs her debut novel Teaching Machines How to Cry. She holds a PhD in Human Geography and lives in Portugal with her two sons.

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