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Featured Book

Advertise your book! We are offering a month-to-month package. You can advertise your book for a month and be featured on the sidebar of our web site for $30. Your book would be featured with a link to a site of your choice.

You would also be featured on our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram pages. If you advertised for an additional month you will also receive 1 book review and 1 of your kindle books would be given away!

If you advertise for 4 months, you will receive two book reviews and a kindle giveaway depending on the price of your book or books.

Submission Guidelines: (we require)

When submitting your information, please send the following:

Submission checklist
Full name:
Book title:
Book cover: (covers must be sent in JPEG, JPG, or GIF format)
Short blurb:
Amazon ebooks (or Other) Purchase Link:
PDF file or Word Document of your book:

Our Rates

Advertose Monthly

If your book is not on Amazon, please inform us with your submission.

Send the above information to Staff@author-promotions.com. Please also include your payment when sending your book submission! Make payments through Paypal. Click to choose the book promotion package of your choice. Author & Book Promotions wants to promote quality books, if you feel your book qualifies then submit your information to us!

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