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Featured Book

Website Musts For Authors

These are web sites from various authors. Once you have visited each site, you will notice how each site looks professional and are not clones of each other. The sample sites are to give new authors an idea of how their own sites should appear. Sites should be easy to navigate, informative, updated regularly.  Its appearance should be visible, clear and professional. Click here to search top directories with free website submissions.

An author's web site should have:

  • excerpts of their book
  • ordering information and links to where the book can be purchased
  • book cover
  • reviews
  • synopsis
  • bio
  • photo of the author
  • scheduled events or latest news 

If possible, authors should try to have an ad free website and use their own domain name. Click here to learn more about domain names.


Avoid using page and cursor effects as they can distract from the details of your book.  Also, some visitors find web site music rather annoying, so you might want to consider not using it. If you do decide to use music on your site, it is best to upload your own music. In either case make sure the music can be turned off.

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Sample Website

Nadia Brown